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Pickup & Delivery

expHelp allow your pickup/delivery customers to register online.

Feedback from Customers

Allow customers to give you feedback about your services online at their convenience. This is a great customer loyalty and retention tool.

Sell Online From Your Web

If you sell products like lint rollers, shoe polish or other specialty products, most likely your only domain currently is retail customers. expHelp allows you to conveniently sell your products to anyone with web access and accept payments directly via your website.

Offsite Backup

expHelp allows you to backup your essential store's data offsite. You can use or remote backup utility to automatically upload essential data in encrypted form to our remote servers.

Customer's Order Status

A convenient way for customers to check the status of their order is via your website. If you are using a supported point of sale for dry cleaners, your customers will be able to check the status of their orders online. This allows them to also change their contact information online.

Online Cameras

How many times have you wanted to "peek" into your store while you are away. expHelp's convenient camera server allows you to check into your store remotely and securely. Simply install recommended IP cameras and view the store remotely.

Connect to Store

Have you wanted to see the status of your cash register or the status of a customer's order from home or while on vacation? Now you can use expHelp to connect to your store and work on that computer as if you are sitting next to it.

More Features

Map: Your website front page shows your store's map that internet users can zoom or get directions from.
Themes: Change your entire website to a new theme during special occasions in a single step.
Emails: Notify customers or market yourself with easy monthly updates.