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Did that fancy website of your competitor really impress you? If $10K+ of marketing magic doesn't steal some hearts and customers, what will? But don't worry! You are about to reclaim your top spot and dazzle your customers.

Imagine having a world class website for your customers to see. A website that you can change easily to suite you business needs. A website that gives your customers the ability to log in to their own account anytime and check the  status of orders or sign up for pickup and delivery. While they are at your website, allow them to order over the counter supplies with one click of a button. All from one easily created website by YOU.

Welcome to expHelp world!

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Includes everything you need to be on the web.

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Exphelp is also about security and your peace of mind. Daily offsite backups and easy restoring of your lost data if needed, is included. If you need to see how your store is doing from home, go to your Exphelp website and remotely connect to your server. Or even connect to any of your store cameras in real time.

If you can prove that you are a dry cleaner you get everything FREE until at least December 2009. Just create the website yourself or fill out our Website Creator Request Form and fax it to us and we will design and publish your website free of charge and hand you the keys to your website for later changes.

Call us anytime 800-403-8275 to discuss how Exphelp can give you a helping hand.


  • Do-It-Yourself, easy online website creator.
  • 20 free email accounts.
  • Professional website designs.
  • New customer registration.
  • Email marketing.
  • Unlimited changes.
  • Online secure backup.
  • Customers order status.
  • Pickup & delivery.
  • Live security cameras support*.
  • Remote connect from anywhere*.
  • ... and many more.
*Windows XP Pro and static IP required